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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions, if you can't find the answer here, please get in touch.

General Questions

How can I contact Fiber Sports Memorabilia?

The best way to get in touch with us is via our contact form on the contact page. Our contact page also includes email/telephone details and other methods of getting in touch with Fiber Sports Memorabilia.

What is Fiber Sports Memorabilia?

Fiber Sports Memorabilia Ltd was established in June 2020, with the ambition of developing a programme that allowed people to take control of their own live through exercise, accompanied with the ability to understand their own mindset.
Every private signing, podcast and event is tailored to raise funding which will eventually lead to the future of mental and physical wellbeing.

What services does having a membership subscription entitle me to?

If you are a free subscriber, you’re entitled to take part in our private signings. We have a host of great names who we are lucky enough to meet .

If you’re a paid subscriber, you get discounts off all private signings and purchased memorabilia and pre-sale items and will be automatically entered into a free monthly draw for a signed and framed item.

You can find details on our membership page.

How much are your membership subscriptions?

You can be a free subscriber, but if you wish to be a paying subscriber please visit our membership page for full details.

What is Fiber Sports Memorabilia all about?

Fiber Sports Memorabilia Ltd was created with the intention of helping anyone that suffered with their mental and physical health. 

Fiber Sports Memorabilia took the opportunity to host events and podcast interviews with sports persons. This opened the window for sports apparel and memorabilia to be signed and sold in our online store.

Learn more about Fiber Sports Memorabilia 

"The future of mental and physical wellbeing". what does this mean?

For too long now, too many have struggled at the hands of mental illness.

Unfortunately, whilst it’s something that can cause so many problems, there’s not enough being done on educating those suffering on how to improve on how they feel.

Often, physical and mental wellbeing is intertwined and effecting one without the other is almost impossible. This brought us to the conclusion that if both can be negatively linked, maybe we can turn that into a positive?

We want to bring CBT to strength training, where not only do you get in shape, get stronger and feel better in your own skin, but you’re also learning about how to feel better mentally and understand why you have the thought processes you do.

This programme is a future project that will be monitored by fully qualified professionals, so watch this space!

Memorabilia Shop

What is your returns policy

Please see our Refunds and Returns policy page

How are items delivered

Our items are sent via courier using next day delivery for all UK based sales. For full details please see our Delivery and Shipping Policy

What is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

All memorabilia items purchased from Fiber Sports Memorabilia come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to prove your signed item is genuine.

How do I know that this COA is authentic?

All COA’s will come with a security tag attached, which will also be duplicated on the product.

The code on the security tag will correlate to our online database of sold memorabilia. You will be able to check the item’s authenticity through here. If the code does not match the product received, then this item was not sold or provided by us.

Private Signings

What is a private signing?

A private signing is an event where we meet a current or ex-professional of a given sport. We sit in a private location with the individual where they will sign all the items provided to them. We give the opportunity for subscribed members to Fiber Sports Memorabilia to send items in to be signed by the individual of their choice.

How will I know what individual is completing a private signing?

All subscribers are automatically enrolled to our mailing system, where they will be promptly informed of the upcoming Fiber Sports Memorabilia Private Signings

What do you mean by authentic?

All items sent to us must have been purchased through an approved club shop. For instance, Liverpool Football Club, Sports Direct, JD Sports etc. These all sell items that are appropriate to be signed. Any counterfeit items sent to us will be returned without a signature being on the item. This will be sent back to you at your cost; however, the signing fee will be refunded.

How do I label my item(s)?

We recommend a non-adhesive tape with your name and area you want signed on the item(s). If you’re sending a photo, please do NOT stick tape on the front of the photo as you risk damaging it. For photos, you can simply include a slip in the parcel and we will label appropriately.

What do I need to do with prepaid postage?

When paying for a SAE, please make sure you have your name and full address on the envelope. Next, you need to ensure the envelope is paid for with the correct stamps to reflect special delivery, signed for, first class or second class.

IMPORTANT Please ensure that the SAE has stamps for postage back to you and not a printed label with the total label. If you do not do this, the printed label will only be valid for that day.

Where do I send my item(s)?

The address for where you need to send your items for signing will be provided in the subscribed members section, under the heading of the individual completing the signing.

Do all items come with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity)?

We can provide a COA at an additional cost of £2.

How many items can I send?

Details of how many items allowed for sending will be provided on the email sent to everyone.

How do I become a subscribed member?

Details of how to become a Fiber Sports Memorabilia Subscribed Member are available on our membership page.

Can I send in name and numbered shirts?

It depends on the individual sports person. For those that do accept named and numbered shirts; the shirt must be proven as authentic before it is deemed as acceptable for signing.

It’s my first signing, what do I need to do?

A few things need to be done here. Firstly, you need to read the terms and conditions of the signing to make sure the item you’re about to send complies with them. Once you have done this, it’s important you appropriately label your shirt. This allows us to know who the shirt belongs to and where you want it to be signed. You will then be required to post this to us by the deadline detailed. Return postage is added when you purchase the slot for a private signing.

What happens if my item(s) gets damaged in transit?

If the parcel has been damaged in transit to us, we will inform you as soon as realistically possible. We would be unable to accept liability for the item(s) as it was damaged by courier on route to us, so you would need to raise your concerns with the courier involved.

If the parcel was damaged on route to you, the role will be reversed and the claim will be made by us, with the suitable compensation provided as arranged between yourself and us.

When am I likely to receive my items back?

We ask for you to leave 2 weeks before chasing for your items to be sent back. We often receive upwards of 250 items for a signing, of which are usually send by 100+ individuals. We are still a small team so it takes time to go through these items to make sure mistakes aren’t made.

Do I get photo proof of the signing?

We do our best to provide photo proof of signings, but they cannot be guaranteed so please do not send your item in if this is absolutely essential.

How do I pay for item(s)?

Details on method of payment will be provided in the subscribed members section, under the heading of the individual completing the signing.


Where can I find out about Fiber Sports Memorabilia Events?

Fiber Sports Memorabilia events past and present can be found on our Events Page

What if I have special requirements for access, dietary needs or allergies?

At Fiber Sports Memorabilia, ensuring that everyone has a fantastic experience is our priority. To guarantee this, we ask that you inform us of any dietary or accessibility needs prior to the event.

We also recommend reviewing the event details on the specific event page before booking, as our events take place at various venues and have varying considerations.

Please note that last-minute requests may not be accommodated.

What happens if the guest speaker is late?

In the event of a guest speaker late arrival, the show timings may alter.

Fiber Sports Memorabilia cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused. No refunds will be issued.

I’m 17 years old, can I attend your events?

Unfortunately, our events have a strict policy of being 18 and over only.

What are Fiber Sports Memorabilia Events?

At Fiber Sports Memorabilia we host a small number of exclusive events each year. These live events include sporting stars past and present and much more

The dress code is labelled as "smart casual". What does this mean?

Smart casual attire is a jacket or blazer, flannels, needlecord trousers, or chinos (not jeans), a shirt with a collar (not a T-shirt) and smart shoes (not necessarily lace-ups, but not trainers or sandals).

What happens if the guest speaker does not attend the event?

Should a guest speaker not be able to make the event for any reason, we will look to change the date of the event if good time is provided.

If the speaker doesn’t arrive on the day of the event, then we will offer a choice of accepting the date change, or issuing partial refunds depending on attributing factors (if we have 4 speakers and one doesn’t show, then we will offer up to 25% in refunds).

I’m interested in sponsoring your events, is this possible?

We offer a selection of sponsorship packages. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring the event.

Have further questions?

Get in touch, we'd be happy to help.

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