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Carl Spiller

Managing Director
Fiber Sports Memorabilia Limited

Carl Spiller is the Managing Director and Owner of Fiber Sports Memorabilia. With over three years of dedicated experience in the world of sports memorabilia, Carl's journey has been shaped by his own remarkable achievements in the sporting arena.

As a former elite athlete, Carl's exceptional talent and determination led him to represent England, earning two prestigious European Bronze medals. Additionally, he showcased his skills as a semi-professional footballer for Henley Town FC. These personal triumphs have instilled in Carl an unwavering commitment to preserving the legacy of sporting greatness.

Now, Carl has teamed up with industry expert Saad Wadia to revolutionize the sporting memorabilia experience through the rebranding of the business to Fiber Sports Memorabilia. Together, they have assembled a dynamic team that shares a common goal: to provide enthusiasts with unparalleled access to cherished sporting memories.

Drawing upon his extensive experience and unwavering passion, Carl curates an extraordinary collection of authentic sports memorabilia. From coveted signed jerseys to iconic game-worn equipment, Fiber Sports Memorabilia offers a gateway to own a piece of sporting history that ignites the imagination.

Embark on an exhilarating journey as Carl spearheads the redefinition of the sports memorabilia landscape. Discover the extraordinary and indulge your passion for sports with Fiber Sports Memorabilia, where every piece tells a story and brings the spirit of the game to life.

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